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qiu.jpgCooperate with well-known company foucing on DFM solutions,  introduce DFM analysis system to education.
work with corporate experts, the leader company in design for manufacturability solutions and Electronic Institutes create a joint DFM laboratory and DFM expert studio.
Assist the Institutes create teachers teaching practice and student practical skills training DFM base. Committed to the DFM professional personnel training, DFM vocational skills qualification certified by the world-renowned manufacturability solutions company.
UFETECH DFM experts provide a full range of technical support and service on teacher training, personnel training and technical services to enterprises.
 Establish PCB design for manufacturability examination and evaluation system. Provides a design standard for the PCB design for manufacturing.
Active in the DFM the depth of the school-enterprise cooperation to achieve DFM talent trainging  (including the DFM education and training, employment student internships, teacher training practice base, outstanding students position recommended and enterprise DFM research and support of new projects).

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