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With professional knowledge to help customers build a complete DFM system. DFM platform system is mainly reflected in the construction of ERF criterions and processes, according to the various stages of the product life cycle, establish the PCBA process design specification system, prototype system, equipment specification system, inspection system, rework system.
Mainly includes the following specifications:
PCBA process design specification, component package library specification, toeprint design library, stencil design specifications, CAD process design specification,  testability design specifications, process specifications (printing, dispensing, SMD, reflow, wave solder, rework), equipment specifications (printing, dispensing, SMD, reflow, wave solder, rework) , prototype specifications, quality specifications (component technology, PCB inspection, material control, solder joint inspection).
DFM implementation:
Design optimization, cost savings, shorter delivery time, efficient use of resources, low-cost, high-quality, efficient manufacturing products.
1. DFM analysis paralle to PCB design stagel, to improve the quality of PCB design;
2. Products in the trial of NPI has greatly improved and higher yield, lower failure rate;
3. Reduce the cost of the introduction of new technologies, reduce the huge cost of the test process development;
4. Product develop validation In advance,  reduce the ECN;
More important is the establishment of a self-learning, self-improvement DFM talent team, in the future the teamates can do better during DFM working.

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